Artist biography 

Julia Skopnik was born in Schönebeck (Elbe), a city in the former German Democratic Republic, in 1988. Two years later Germany celebrated  the German reunification. It was a time full of changes and insecurities. Growing up in a small town in East Germany in the 90's meant living surrounded by abandoned places and rare cultural attractions. But Julia was an introverted kid and didn't need much entertainment. From a very early age she found enjoyment in oberserving people: to understand their feelings and behavior. This was one of the reasons why she decided to study psychology later in life.

Finding an old camera as a teenager that originally belonged to her parents sparked her fascination for film and photography. Starting out by mainly capturing her daily life with friends and the tristesse of her hometown, she began using photography to express internal conflicts inspired by her studies of psychology and the analysis of different innerpsychic processes. She won the young talent award of dieHO Galerie, Magdeburg, in 2009 and was one of the winners of the German Youth Photography Award in 2015. 

 After working a few years at the child- and adolescent psychiatry, Julia's desire to combine the two major topics in her life, psychology and art, grew strong enough for her to take up studying art therapy at Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin. At this time she began exploring the possibilities of darkroom printing resulting in her greates passion so far. She did a lot of experiments and tried to find new ways besides traditional techniques.

Currently Julia balances working at the psychiatry with being a free artist. Both professions share the subject of working in the dark while trying to make something visible by exploring the human unconscious or illuminating images in the darkroom.

Her work was shown at the Photokina Photo Fair (2015), Cologne, and she was featured in PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazine. Additionally she opened an artist-run space and was managing an analog photography course at the Art Museum Magdeburg in 2019.

Julia lives and works in Magdeburg, Germany.